"Soulmates (Not) Found" completes its first successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

"Soulmates (Not) Found" - an offshoot of "The Waiting Room" premiered live at Westport Oracle, Flight Club at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland from August 3rd to 20th at 5PM! 

“Soulmates: (Not) Found” is an immersive and interactive experience exploring the implications of Artificial Intelligence on human life and one of its most enigmatic concepts - the soul. 

The Story: 

To decrease growing alienation among humans, scientists have developed an algorithm that helps people find their ultimate platonic soulmates. The technology is now being implemented in public spaces in its test-flight mode and is led by artificial intelligence (AI).

You find yourself on board the first AI-rlines, opting in to participate in the experiment. Along with your fellow passengers, you will be put through a series of social experiments, devised by the digital mind using centuries of scientific study and, occasionally, classical poetry. Will you find your soulmate(s) beside you? It’s up to you and a (questionably) soulless AI pilot.

In this light-hearted interactive play, you'll be presented with deep philosophical questions, reflect on programming glitches and, in the end, witness the theatre and AI technology come together to send a message to humanity.


Genre: immersive, interactive, experimental, AI

Writer, Director: Natalia Yandyganova
Producer: Joyce Lao
Co-producers: Sabrina Morabito, Anna Bredikhina  

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"Such a fun show and terrific use of new technologies in an audience participation setting. Grab a drink and get ready to (not) find your soulmate!" Ariel Estrada

"Ah! As I write this, you only have two more opportunities to see this show! Run, don't walk. SOULMATES is a truly unique piece of interactive theater that is sure to give you a welcome change of pace from the many stand-up and one-person shows that Fringe is so dominated by.

The conceit is that you are aboard the first-ever AI-powered international flight, from Edinburgh to New York. Additionally, your "platonic soulmate" is also onboard the flight, and by filling out a simple questionnaire before boarding, the plane's AI will find your match and connect you before you land.

Quite fun, and extremely impressive how well the AI works. Highly recommend". - Warren McGinnis

"A unique shared experience that (gently) forces you to interact with and discover the things that connect all of us! A novel and exciting concept of interacting with both the fellow "passengers" and the AI that is guaranteed to generate interesting and often unexpected outcomes. Get involved and enjoy it! " Richard Dean